February 20, 2011

Defining Moments - Lucy Lawless

Hi readers, check out his video where Lucy describes a defining moment in her career/life(her part ends around 1:36) :

Now check out out this snippet from a recent interview she did:

That openness to possibilities—including going on any and every audition possible—is part of what Lawless recommends for young actors. Well, that and being kind to the crew. "They're not being paid as much as you," she says. "They're probably on set longer than you. You are not the thing that makes the show go, even though you're getting all the attention for it. You're just the public face of other people's work."ReadFullArticle:Backstage

How many actors out there think that their show's success is solely because of them? I guarantee you that plenty do! I've seen this myself! There are so many actors whom are self-entitled and  think they deserve credit for everything! But not Lucy! She is generous of spirit! She knows that a show/movie's success is a collaborative effort. I hear stories all the time about how kind she is to the crew! She's one classy lady readers!