December 21, 2011

Spartacus: Vengeance -- New long-form trailer - Transcribed

New shiny trailer out today readers! This trailer is pure awesomeness! There's so much going on. It'll take awhile for me to dissect and transcribe it. Especially with the craziness of the holidays. Some notables however:

-Is Illithyia pregnant? She sure looks it in that white dress. Also in one scene she's wearing all black and looks to be grieving. And she's crawling on the ground? What the....?
-Glaber and Seppia hooking up?
-Lucretia and Ilithyia and their lethal "friendship," a knife/dagger is shown near the back of Lucretia arm.
-Spartacus and Mira are "getting together"
-Did you see Spartacus cut off that guy's face? Whoa!
-Lucretia running away from someone or something?
-Gannicus entering an arena for what appears to be a gladiator fight.
-Thought I saw Spartacus in an arena and he threw a spear into the crowd? Or at Romans? Not sure.

Anyways, check it out for yourself:

Glaber to crowd: We have all suffered loss to those closest to us to this festering disease of rebellion.

Spartacus to Mira: The Romans, they took everything from me!

Mira to Spartacus: Your heart still beats.

Spartacus: We will see our numbers grow, and when they have become legion, we will repay with blood!

Ilithyia to Glaber: Why have I been brought to this house?

Glaber to Ilithyia: This is our home until Spartacus falls.

Lucretia to Ilithyia: We are friends are we not?

Ilithyia to Lucretia: The very best.(breathy whisper)

Roman solder on horse chasing Spartacus shouts: Spartacus!!!

Spartacus to Glaber?: You who condemed us to slavery, soon I will have your life!

Glaber to ?: We shall kill them all!

Spartacus to his men?: Let Rome send their legions, we will strike Glaber and his army from this world!

Glaber to arena crowd: Spartacus shall kneel before the glory of Rome!

Spartacus to ?: I am a free man!

Spartacus to his men?: Spread word to every slave....that even the mighty Republic bleeds when struck!