January 8, 2012

Andy's Legacy

Spartacus Vengeance starts in a couple weeks. I see people already Liam bashing or being rude to Spartacus people at Twitter. Andy's dead and they can't accept Liam in the role even though they haven't seen Vengeance yet. OK fine, don't accept! Can't watch, then don't. Fine again! But is there really any reason to be rude and insensitive like that?

The Spartacus people are the ones that knew Andy personally.......were friends with him.......and suffered his loss on a greater scale than a bunch of fans that didn't even know the man. To be rude to them is disgusting behavior. I doubt Andy would approve.

Andy wanted the show to go on and gave his approval. He also gave Liam advice on how to get through the grueling schedule. Because of him people are employed...........cast and crew. Because of him people will be employed for another season, as season three has already been renewed. All the actors will get a chance to shine in their roles, hopefully opening doors for them down the road. This also goes for the crew.....costuming, stunts, makeup, directing, etc.  The local economy also benefits. From restaurants to catering to taxis to car rentals, etc, etc, etc. Wouldn't be happening if it weren't for Andy.

And how about us Sparty fans. We get to see how all the different stories play out.......what happens to all of our favorite characters.......... and the ones we love to hate. Hopefully we'll get to see Spartacus's  full story told.

This is the legacy Andy has left behind as an actor and the star of Spartacus. Why people.....fans.....some of his(so-called) fans.......want to stomp on that,  I don't know.