January 11, 2012

Dustin Clare Interview With The Examiner

New interview with Dustin:

Dustin Clare steps back into the TV arena in 'Spartacus: Venegance' (interview)


CLARE: We won’t see my character until episode five.  He’s going to be threaded back into the series in a way that I can’t tell you because it’s a major plot point.  But, we’re going to see him deal with Oenomaus and we’re going to see a clash of ideals between Gannicus and Spartacus………read full interview

You know why I like his character? All the characters are very serious. Well, of course right? Given the terrible circumstances they find themselves in. Lucretia (and Batiatus) are fun in a diabolical kind of way. Ashur too, to an extent. But Gannicus is just plain fun! He can be serious too, but he's fun in lovable kind of way. That's why I like him.