April 16, 2012

Lucy Heading to Court Tomorrow

Lucy and the Taranaki 7 are heading to court tomorrow on burglary charges stemming from their protest on board a Shell rig in NZ. They didn't even steal anything!? When I think of all the awful horrible evil people in the world committing despicable crimes, and getting away with it....., these charges are so lame.

They're just some good peeps trying to do some good in the world.

Oh, I know, they broke laws, rules, yadda, yadda, yadda! Sometimes rules and laws need to be broken in orders to create good and positive change. If you don't believe me, go read some history books.

In the meantime support, support support:

Heading to Court tomorrow. Charges still Burglary. Doing the right thing hurts sometimes. Gotta be done. 

So happy to get the T7 back together. Big gathering tonight before court. Love these guys so much! 

Clock ticking.Help us spread the word. Go togreenpeace.org/savethearctic. Need 1/2 million people to sign our petition.  

***Update***April 17 2012
Lucy and the Taranaki 7 have been remanded on bail:

BREAKING NEWS: Eight Greenpeace activists, including actress Lucy Lawless, who boarded the drill ship Noble Discoverer at Port Taranaki have been remanded on bail without plea for two weeks.

The eight appeared in the New Plymouth District Court this morning, each facing one charge of burglary. They will reappear on May 3.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Craig Jones said he hoped there will be a resolution to the case by then..... read full article - Stuff.Co.NZ/Taranaki Daily News

**Update. May 16 2012. There have been several delays since I first wrote this post. The new date is now June 13 2012.