June 6, 2012

Kirk Douglas' Nod To Liam

I saw Lucy tweet this article earlier today:

Here's an excerpt: it's about Liam, Steven and Kirk Douglas discussing the impact of Spartacus. A description of what took place when Kirk Douglas talked about Liam in the role:
There was a very touching moment where Douglas was talking to McIntyre (and the audience inc HT). He said, “I spent 5 months in Melbourne. I love the Australians, and he’s [Liam] a typical Australian – outgoing and speaks his mind. I think they made the right decision when they asked him to play Spartacus.” The charismatic Liam was clearly stunned into silence for a moment. I would not be surprised if tears sprang to his eyes. When next he spoke, his voice cracked a bit. It’s McIntyre’s first major part, and a screen legend, the progenitor of his role, just validated him. Yeah, I’d tear up too.

Read entire article here: