June 29, 2012

Saturday interview: Lucy Lawless – Xena the Ecowarrior

Really great in depth interview with Lucy from The Guardian:

Lucy Lawless made her name playing Xena: Warrior Princess. Now she is facing jail after a protest on board an Arctic oil drilling ship. So what turned her into an ecowarrior?

….She puts her green awareness down to two events. The first was the ozone hole that developed in the southern hemisphere as a result of CFCs and has led to New Zealand and Australia having the highest levels of skin cancer in the world. The second was New Orleans, where she was filming a made-for-TV movie when Hurricane Katrina hit.

The experience has stayed with her, and sounds horrifying. “The terror of half a million people trying to leave town at the same time, all the roads are gridlocked, people are screaming,…… read entire article at The Guardian


PS: I notice the article says she's in LA. Hmmmnn.....

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