June 6, 2012

What's This About The Ending of Spartacus

Hmmnn...seems there is a lot of hoopla going on about the ending of Spartacus. Judgement and finger-pointing. A few very angry fans. And I emphasize.....a few! I'm not one of them. All good things come to an end. I'm grateful for the seasons we had. And for the upcoming last season.

Thanks to all the actors, producers, writers, crew, and Starz for giving it to us. Thanks to my favorite, the talented Lucy Lawless(I knew from the very beginning she would kickass this role). Thanks to the amazing John Hannah(I never guessed beforehand that Jonathan from the Mummy movies would be this awesome).

Thanks to Andy Whitfield, RIP(I'll never forget him). Thanks to Liam McIntyre, the lion(a class act). Thanks to Steven Deknight, without good writing, a show is nothing.

Thanks to Spartacus himself. After-all, that's what this is all about. His story.

And ahem......thanks to Dustin Clare for Gannicus. That's all I'm saying...

From what I've read, my interpretation is that it was a culmination of many different things as to why it is ending. No one thing or person is to blame. I've never known a show that has been through so much. It's been through the ringer. As a fan, I feel like I've been through the ringer too. I'm amazed it even made it to a third(and final) season, given all that happened.

I'm glad they are concluding the story, and not cancelling it middle storyline somewhere. I'm appreciative of the announcement that was given. How many times has a season ended and we look forward to the next, only to find out it's not renewed for another season. And the story isn't finish. Grrrr. Steven Deknight is concluding the story. We know that now. That's all I ever wanted

I can understand disappointment. I get that. But if people are angry about this, trust me, there are way worse things in this world to be angry about. I say this because I've seen some pretty nasty stuff being said, and I think to myself: if only people would use that energy towards something more meaningful in life. It's really not worth all this anger. It really isn't.