September 6, 2012

Andy Whitfield Remembered in Moving PSA by Lucy Lawless

Touching PSA by Lucy Lawless created for the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon.

Video description:
Lucy Lawless and STARZ join the Stand Up To Cancer movement. Watch the live event benefitting cancer research on STARZ Sept 7th at 8pm ET.


Hello, I'm Lucy Lawless.

The mission of Stand Up To Cancer is an important one, and requires a remarkable effort from each of us. No one is immune to cancer. It strikes unexpectedly changing lives. We must stand united against this awful and devastating  disease. A lesson the cast and crew of Spartacus learned when we lost a dearly love friend far too early in his life. 

Andy Whitfield was a true champion. An amazing man,  Andy gave his all to every aspect of his life, and it was an honor to know him. 

In 2010 Andy was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin s Lymphoma. It was impossible to believe a man in such incredible shape could be so sick. In an effort to raise awareness and help others Andy and his family generously shared their inspiring journey in the upcoming documentary film, 'Be Here Now.' As the title implies, Andy's uplifting story is about how important it is to live in the present and not fear the unknown. It's a beautiful life lesson for everyone to aspire to. I hope you'll stand up to cancer. Stand with me, and take a moment to remember Andy Whitfield, loving husband and father, terrific actor and an inspiration to us all. Thank you.