February 6, 2013

Lucy Lawless Sentenced

Great news, Lucy and her fellow Greenpeace activists were sentenced today, and the sentence was minimal!

Seven Greenpeace activists, including actress Lucy Lawless, found guilty of illegally boarding the Noble Discoverer drillship have been sentenced to community work and fined.........

.......Judge Roberts sentenced the activists to 120 hours community work and ordered them to pay Port Taranaki $651.44 each.
read entire article: http://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/8272901/Activists-get-community-work-fines

There's a video of Lucy reading a statement outside the courthouse after sentencing, but I notice they placed a different old video as the main post and you have to scroll down to find today's video. So here is the direct video link: http://www.stuff.co.nz/lightbox/taranaki-daily-news/videos/8273831/Lucy-Lawless-sentenced?

Also an article at Greenpeace:
Star Lawless Slams Oil Giant Shell Outside Court

Newsclip here:

So gazillionaire Shell didn't get their ridiculous greedy reparations, Lucy and the T7 can get back to their lives, and the NZ judiciary system can go after real criminals. And we all can continue to try and #SaveTheArtic.

edit 9:46pm video: