February 21, 2013

Spartacus War Of The Damned Episode 4 Scene Clip "Gannicus vs. Crixus"

Wow this looks good. Gannicus, whom I think is probably an alcoholic by today's terms, has the clearest mind of all. He doesn't have the 'kill all romans' or 'romans are all evil'  mentality that Crixus and Naevia have. I suspect that many of the rebels feel the same way as Crix and Naev.

In season one I felt Spartacus was more like a modern thinker, in that he saw how wrong things were. I think Gannicus may be very similar here now(and even in Vengeance), only it's all turned around onto the rebels themselves.

I wrote about a spoiler for episode 4 in a previous post, where I also commented about Crixus and Naevia going dark. You can read it here.